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Warnings or Local Contra-Indications

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (spastic colon) – caution with temperature of water

Inflammations, such as diverticulitis; ulcerative colitis; Crohn’s disease – depends on the

severity of the conditions. Anything inflamed, caution needed with hot water temperature

Haemorrhoids / Fissures / Fistules – caution when inserting speculum (more lubrication)

Constipation / Diarrhoea – caution

Medical Contra-Indications – needing GP Referral

Severe cardiac disease – how long ago, how severe?

High or low blood pressure not controlled by a doctor – only clients on medication for blood

pressure can receive colonics

Aneurysm (widening of an artery resulting from weakening of the artery wall) – how recent?

GI haemorrhage or perforation – find out more about the history and how recent

Ulcerative colitis – find out more about the history and how recent

Active fistulas and fissures – gauge pain levels from clients and how recent

Carcinoma of the colon (cancer) – anything cancerous needs GP referral

Hepatitis/ HIV / Aids – GP referral

Absolute Contra-Indications – no treatment

Severe or bleeding haemorrhoids – (haemorrhoids not painful or bleeding are okay)

Cirrhosis of the liver – liver is main organ of detoxification, so under duress

Pregnancy – no treatment throughout whole 9 months

Abdominal hernia – too much pressure of water in and out during the treatment

Recent colorectal surgery – GP referral at a later time once healing has taken place

Role of a Colonic Hydrotherapist

Here at THC we appreciate the need for complete confidentiality, meticulous records are kept and professionalism is at the forefront of our services.

Disposable, hospital grade equipment is always used for optimal infection control levels.

A relaxed, tranquil setting is important to us at THC, our Hydrotherapy suite is away from the main part of the centre to ensure that you get a comfortable experience

Treating cancer the complimentary way with life style choices, homeopathy, colonic hydrotherapy and organic coffee enemas.

Like everyone reading this article, cancer has affected me profoundly. It is what prompted me to become a nurse, then a homeopath and, more recently, a colonic hydrotherapist. Homeopathy is all about inner balance and the complementary treatments for cancer are also all about balance and lifestyle changes, which include the way we eat and live our lives.

We consume many foods which are either processed or covered with pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides; we cover our skin with lotions and potions which are brimming with artificial antigens which are easily absorbed into our already stressed bodies. The air we breathe contains so many pollutants it would be impossible for me to list them, and still the advice we regularly receive is yet more of the same - suppressive pills, inhalers, radiation and ointments.

We all know about traditional protocols for cancer but what are our other options? Gerson, Budwig et al all point us in the direction of ‘effective dialysis’. What this effectively means is that by removing accumulating toxins which are flowing around our bodies, we provide an optimal environment for our bodies to correct the Imbalance which prevails in chronic disease and cancer. Gerson states that, cancer patient’s sodium levels are elevated and potassium levels are low, therefore, diet, combined with coffee enemas, can correct this imbalance and revitalize the liver to get rid of malignant cells. This diet is full of juices which will encourage toxins to be released into the bloodstream; the coffee enema will stimulate the liver and gall bladder to flush out these toxins more effectively. When you improve the sodium ring around tumors and diseased tissue there is better drainage and better circulation resulting in normally functioning cells.

What is it about caffeine taken in the form of an enema which makes it so much a part of the complementary approach to treating the patient with cancer?

Caffeine is capable of removing circulating toxins and partial metabolites; it can dilate the bile ducts, it dilates blood vessels, relaxes smooth muscles and more importantly it stimulates a liver enzyme system, which is capable of removing a large number of free radicals (these are charged particles which damage the membranes of cells and inflict disturbances in cellular metabolism). This enzyme system normally removes 3% of free radicals and when one does a coffee enema this percentage goes up to 700%. Nothing else we know about can produce this reaction.

While the coffee enema is being held in the colon, all the blood in the body passes through the liver five times, the caffeine stimulates the visceral nervous system and it induces peristalsis forcing part of the fluid to pass through the walls of the colon, which in turn will dilate the hemorroidal and portal veins which flows through the liver, dilates bile, thus increasing bile flow, effectively flushing the toxic bile via the colon out of the body……..this is ‘effective dialysis’ at work.

Although coffee enemas can be done up to five times a day during this therapy, we use them initially in combination with a short colonic hydrotherapy session to ensure an empty colon prior to enema retention, to give optimal results. Preventative measures for those who are following a detoxification regime or have cancer or a family history of cancers receive monthly/bi monthly colonics with coffee enema to optimize liver enzyme system levels. This is recommended by many doctors with knowledge of complementary medicine.

Oral administration of caffeine is not recommended by complementary practitioners. Rectally is the only way this large amount of caffeine can be absorbed fully by our bodies. It is also worth mentioning that the organic coffee, instruments and method of administration have to be correctly adhered to as specified by Gerson and Budwig, to ensure a safe and effective treatment.

In conclusion then, why are we not making some of these lifestyle changes now before it’s too late? Let these changes and a holistic approach to life begin now before autointoxication takes hold.

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