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Our bodies are bombarded from every direction with substances we were not designed to process or eliminate such as air pollution, chemicals founds in our food, and industrial, beauty and household products. When married with our Western lifestyle- stress, alcohol, cigarettes, infrequent exercise and improper diet, the body is overloaded and cannot eliminate the toxins properly....

When these impurities cannot be eliminated from the body, the colon tries to absorb them and toxins get released into the bloodstream which in turn cause havoc throughout the entire body. This build up can also substantially diminish your bowel's natural function as it becomes clogged over time prohibiting it from working efficiently.

If the toxins are not eliminated the result is auto-intoxication, which is the putrefaction within the intestinal tract. The waste materials intended for a healthy exit become reabsorbed into the bloodstream and redistributed around the body.

As years pass a person's body, who continues to eat poorly and live under emotional stress, will gradually become overwhelmed by the built-up toxicity. This is when diseases such as allergies, arthritis, migraines, skin disorders, heart disease, gout, metabolic/hormone imbalances, Crohn's Disease, constipation, parasites, Candida and others can manifest themselves, it is unfortunately only then that one thinks of cleansing and detoxing. Ideally, the best time to start colon cleansing is in early adulthood done in combination with an alkalizing diet, regular exercise and a stress free environment/lifestyle.

How to prepare for a Colonic

For what ever reason you have decided to have Colonic Irrigation I thought it wise to jot down a few pointers as to how you can get the very best results from your treatment.

These tips are not just designed for pre colonic therapy but can also help you maintain a healthy approach to daily nutrition.

So let’s start:

  • Always start the day of with a pint of warm water with a lovely fresh Maltese lemon squeezed into it
  • Swap from drinking black tea to drinking fresh mint, rooibos, organic camomile or fennel tea
  • Avoid all alcohol, caffeine and fizzy drinks including fizzy water
  • Avoid gas forming foods
  • Avoid fast foods
  • Avoid laxatives
  • Don’t smoke
  • Try and green juice every day
  • Eat fresh veg every day
  • ALWAYS chew your food properly to prevent gas formation and to aid digestion

Come to your appointment with enthusiasm and confidence that you will be leaving cleaner, healthier and more positive about your health than you have been for a long time.

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