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Candida albicans lives naturally in the large intestines. But, at times, this yeast-like fungus can over-proliferate and cause candidiasis. This condition can cause one to have headaches/migraines, gastritis, brain fog, instability, anxiety, yeast infections, mouth thrush, joint pain and certain autoimmune diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome. Candidiasis can stem from an overuse of ant...ibiotics, poor diet, food allergies, chlorinated water, corticosteroids and even smog. There is a recommended treatment for this condition, which requires a combination of diet changes, supplements and colon cleansing.


Garlic, apple cider vinegar, natural yoghurt or kefir and alkalizing foods should be added to your diet as well as avoiding refined carbohydrate foods such as sugar and white flour. Avoiding these kinds of food will help speed up your recovery. This is because when refined carbohydrates are consumed, they are transferred into sugar which is the very food that the fungus thrives on. Supplements of pro biotics should be ideally taken daily to maintain and balance healthy gut flora

Colonic Cleansing

One can eliminate yeast more quickly through colonic irrigation. The average treatment is equivalent to 10 to 20 bowel movements. Purified water is flushed through the system, which also clears the intestinal walls of fecal matter and yeast. Colonic irrigation is highly recommended for people with chronic illness or autoimmune diseases, which are usually caused by candida overgrowth.

Why Colonic Cleansing Is Crucial

As one's body starts killing off the excess candida, the yeast will release toxins in the body in defense. These toxins can only be eliminated through the bowels and digestive tract. However, these normal body processes will not eliminate all of the toxins and yeast quickly enough. The toxins will eventually enter the blood stream and potentially invade healthy cells and vital organs. Colonic cleansing--particularly colonic irrigation--can expedite the process of eliminating these harmful toxins and allow one's body to recover from candidiasis

IBS (spastic colon) and Colonic Hydrotherapy

In a nutshell IBS can be described as an increased sensitivity within the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum. Generally, it effects more women than men and can be identified by irregular bowel function with diarrhea, alternating diarrhea / constipation and abdominal pain, distension or bloating of the abdomen and gassy intestine. Thi...s cycle of symptoms can have a negative effect on the sufferer’s lifestyle, often resulting in isolation and even depression because the effects are so uncomfortable, embarrassing and severe.

Clinical diagnosis is difficult, but there is one common factor, that is stress and anxiety, when stress is present we secret adrenaline which means our immune systems are working overtime, this will eventually tire and lead to a myriad of resulting complaints. It is known that there is a direct link between our emotions and our colons. Our bodies are amazing, if our bowel is irritated then it is trying to tell us something, Balance needs to be restored, this means emotionally, physically, practically and internally.

Diet plays an important role in managing IBS, water (room temperature always) intake should be at 2 liters a day, stop drinking 30 minutes before eating so that the acid in your stomach isn’t diluted so that digestion is faster, avoid all sugars if you can and also tea, coffee and alcohol. Look into trying to maintain an alkaline diet, remember the 80/20 rule, eating healthily is about balance and being too strict is also not beneficial for our bodies. Medication of any sort alters the flora in our gut, if one can avoid over the counter medicines and even prescription meds when possible, try going for the natural alternative as a first choice. Exercise plays a very important role too, unfortunately because of the distressing symptoms of IBS this is often the last thing sufferers wish to do.

At this stage it is worth mentioning Classical Homeopathy. It plays a huge part in the internal balance of our bodies. When one finds ones own constitutional remedy this stimulates our bodies’ ability to maintain this inner balance, bringing about homeostasis. From a Homeopaths perspective, this is one of the reasons I trained to become a Colonic Hydrotherapist, I saw from my clients how may of them could benefit from this treatment.

Colonic hydrotherapy can be a very helpful tool in the treatment of IBS. It can help restore your colon into a natural rhythm. The gentle filling and emptying of your bowel will tone and aid bowel rhythm to be maintained. Muscles relax when they are warm, during a colonic warm, soothing, filtered water is gently passed through your colon resulting in a calming, comforting feeling, rather like having a warm hot water bottle on your tummy. Also during the treatment cooler water maybe introduced, this will encourage the bowel to contract thus helping the digestive system into working more efficiently. We also stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system during a session, this is possibly when the main work is done during a colonic, when we release emotions, we also release faecal matter that has been building up for years and years within our bowels. This old matter has been there clogging up our systems for years, slowly auto intoxicating us. Once these toxins have been cleared and removed it paves the way for a healthier digestive environment.

Constipation and bloating maybe the main reason a client with IBS would want a colonic, but we forget that diarrhea can be just as effectively treated. Imagine, that the lining of our colons are rather like a mountain range or a corrugated tube, impacted faecal matter gets effectively stuck in these crevices making absorption of nutrients practicably impossible, the waste literally goes in to the bowel at one end as liquid and comes out the other end the same way, nothing has been absorbed at all. When one has a colonic the aim in this case would be to clear these crevices so that the sufferer can start absorbing the nutrients once again.

Amazingly enough once a course of colonics has been done, clients report lessening of symptoms, less bloating and pain, clearer skin and a general sense of well being, this is a positive outcome for clients who have suffered for years which the awful symptoms of IBS.

Ashley Ager Dimech D.Hom UK, ITEC

Classical Homeopath/Colonic Hydrotherapist

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